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Title: the Lie Behind the Postcard Author: Valandil Eluch Fandom:… - Brokeback Mountain Fan Fiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 6th, 2006|09:13 pm]
Brokeback Mountain Fan Fiction


Title: the Lie Behind the Postcard
Author: Valandil Eluch
Fandom: Brokeback Mountain
Pairing Jack/Ennis
Summary: When they divorced she did the plan, it worked for almost 6 years, but Love is a Force of Nature and can't be stopped, however, She would try everything to have them appart
Rating:Rated M for Language and Sex

Chapter 1: The 5:30 Stranger
Chapter 2: I always Knew
Chapter 3: The Road to Riverton
Chapter 4: The Graveyard near the Utah line
Chapter 5: The Postcard Memoirs
Chapter 6: Madame Calculator
Chapter 7: A Bloody Nightmare
Chapter 8: Alma's Secret
Chapter 9: the Riverton Memorial Hospital
Chapter 10: Rain in the Road
Chapter 11: We was Brothers
Chapter 12: Opportunities
Chapter 13: My Heart is your Home
Chapter 14: Lureen's worst Fear
Chapter 15: A New Chance
Chapter 16: If Only I
Chapter 17: Goodbye Riverton
Chapter 18: Alma's Plan the Lie Behind the Postcard
Chapter 19: That Old Sense of Joy
Chapter 20: Death and Reborn
Chapter 21: Encounters
Interlude: Voices from the future
Chapter 22: The White Room
Chapter 23: The Daemons Inside You
Chapter 24: One Soul, Two Bodies
Chapter 25: Fire Over the Ranch
Chapter 26: The Red Car infront of her House