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Brokeback Mountain Fan Fiction

a community for fan fiction and fan art

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brokebackfanfic is a community to post your 'Brokeback Mountain' stories and artwork. Anything from drabbles to one-shots, to challenge responses to multi-chaptered stories. As long as it involves any or all of the characters of 'Brokeback Mountain'.


1. All ratings are allowed from G to NC-17
2. Therefore, you need to mature enough to read NC-17 material to join this community.
3. This community is mainly for art and fan fiction from 'Brokeback Mountain', you may have discussions using the method of posting a topic or question and answering or talking through comments only, not multiple posts on one subject and no one line/unecessary posts. These discussions or questions should be thought provoking, not frivolous.
4. All posts containing NC-17 rated material MUST be clearly marked as such.
5. All art or stories posted must be placed behind an LJ cut with a heading or intro of some sort in the actual post.
5. Please add the header outlined below with the following information with each story/chapter:

Warning(s): (Challenge response, Genre, etc.)

6. Feedback is much appreciated by all writers/artists, including constructive criticism but no flaming is allowed.

This is a community for fans of 'Brokeback Mountain'(the story or the movie)to get together and share fan fiction and artwork. The most important rule is: have fun!

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Moderator: sarahlucey